Free Spins

What are Free Spins?

If you translate the “free spins” into English, it means “free spins”. And that’s exactly what it means. It’s a chance to play at casino slots for free, and getting to play for free at a casino is nothing you say no to like that without further ado. Free spins are thus an opportunity to play home a bit. Or maybe even a lot – money on the casino slots without even having to create your own wallet and make a deposit. And you’ll find free spins at lots of our UK casinos.

Free spins, as they are also often called, can also come with different values. The most common is that they are worth as much as the current slot’s minimum bet value. That is 1 or 2 pounds sometimes 90 cents and some one time 4 kronor. It all depends on which slot casino has spins

But casinos sometimes choose to spend some extra seasoning and give your free spins a value of maybe 10 pounds per spin, or some times even more. They usually call them Cash Spins, Mega Spins, Big Spins, Super Spins or whatever the casino finds on for names to distinguish the M from “regular” free spins.

In recent times, especially in the context of the new licensing system, we have seen a few new names float up to the surface. Some casinos now call their free spins for Bonus Spins or cash spins. And we will certainly see more variations on it.

Why Free Spins?

Although the bookmakers are no longer as generous with bonuses and free spins (the new game law prevents them from that). It is still not very difficult to find them. But why do our casinos think it is important to give us the chance to win money without Pay for us? Don’t they lose a lot of money on it? It is all about competition.

Despite the fact that you now have to have a UK gaming license to operate in the UK. And although there are far fewer casinos to choose from nowadays, it is at the time of writing almost 70 bookmakers. And much more gambling sites – already operating in the UK with Brittish license.

So the competition is smaller but still very tough. And new casinos are added all the time. Almost as often as you go out into the kitchen and put on a cup of coffee (what did you say? You don’t drink coffee? But you still make, huh?). And these new casinos. As well as the established ones. Are blades in the savannah. To get their own blade to grow a little higher than everyone else, and be seen. So you do everything to make you discover them. There are large sums of money on the market for us players to hear about them at all.

But it is not enough that we know them, it must be something more for us to be tempted to try another new casino. And this is where our dear free spins get into the picture. In addition to the welcome package in the form of bonus money, free spins are one of the most important means of competition for an online casino today.

How to get Free Spins

Unless you’re a member (customer) of lots of casinos and betting sites, it’s not that hard to find free spins. And there are several ways to get your hands on them. (Don’t put rhubarb on them, they just rot!)

The number of free spins you get varies greatly between different online casinos. Similarly, which slots you can use it on. Most of the Times the casino has selected one or more slots to which they apply. By far the most common slots games when it comes to free spins is Netent retainers Starburst.

Here are some examples of how to get free spins:

As part of the welcome offer: The first opportunity is often when you register a new account with a casino. As we mentioned earlier, there are many casinos that offer free spins as thanks for opening an account with them. It may be a few, but most people usually give around 20 – 25 pieces. And there are casinos that are sharing several hundred. And here we are talking about free spins without deposit requirements. Or “no deposit” free spins if you like.

Via a bonus code: From time to time, casinos will release a bonus code that qualifies for the free spins. Either because you open an account or because you make a deposit.

At the launch of new games: Quite often, game developers release new titles. And it’s relatively common for you as an existing customer to get an offer for a small number of free spins to go in and try out the new game.
Reward to loyal players. If you play regularly and are a loyal customer. It is highly likely that you will be rewarded with free spins on different games.

Mobile bonus: More and more players are playing through portable devices. And some casinos have special bonuses for you who log in from the mobile.

Inside the Game: Last but not least – in almost all video slots there are features for free spins. Hit the right symbols and you will be rewarded with a certain number.

Why is the wagering requirement for free spins?

When you get free spins at a casino, it almost always follows with a wagering requirement of the purchase. What it means is that if and when you win money on your free spins. These are counted as bonus money that needs to be wagered a certain number of times. Before they turn into real money that can be withdrawn.

“Wagering” winnings from free spins simply mean that you have to bet a certain amount of dollars in the casino before your money will be cashed. Usually, this wagering requirement is between 25 and 50 times. 30-35 times is a bit of the standard of many casinos.

An example: Let’s suppose you’ve won £100 on your free spins. And that the wagering requirement is 35 times. In order to meet the wagering requirement you need to wager your 1 000 35 times, that is £3500. Only then have you met the wagering requirement.

However, it begins to become increasingly common with casinos that are handing out free spins that don’t come with any wagering requirements at all. If you become a customer Hås Åland PAF, for example, get up to 25 free spins by spinning a “wheel of Fortune.” And at you get even more. 50 free spins on registration, completely without any requirement for turnover.

How is that possible? Is it not pure madness for a casino to remove the wagering requirement on winnings from free spins? At first glance, it might be. First, you get free spins, then you might win money with the. Cash that you can withdraw directly if you like.

But most do not do that. Instead, you continue to play, happy about the extra addition that makes it possible to play a little longer.

And instead of wagering requirements, the casino often sets an upper limit on how much you can win with your free spins. Top earnings in other words. What amounts it is about varied, but it is quite common with five hundred and up to a couple, three dollars.

But not all casinos. Some put no ceilings at all. Instead, they let you take out just about everything you win on your free spins. With one exception: the original winning amount (what you won on your first round of free spins) you can’t withdraw. So, say you get the free spins and win £100. With the thousand patches, you win an additional £100. In this case, you can withdraw £100. The same goes for when you received a bonus in the form of money, in case the casino does not put top earnings.

What to consider when you turn the winnings from free spins

It is not entirely breezing to meet a turnover requirement, and it is honestly not the intention either. There is first and foremost a time limit – you only have a certain number of days to play through the bonus.

In addition, there are usually limitations on which games you can go to wager your bonus money. You simply can’t choose which games you want. But this is usually stated quite clearly on each game site.

However, in order to meet the wagering requirements as soon as possible, it is good to know which games will count towards the wagering requirement. Most slots are counted for example. to 100% – i.e. 1 crown is worth a penny. If you would like to play table games like roulette or card games like poker and blackjack, each dollar bet is worth a lot less, maybe 5-10%. Thus it also takes much longer to play through the bonus and the risk of losing the money is also greater.

Therefore, you usually always recommend that you win money on free spins to stick to just slots, as long as the winnings are counted as bonus money.

As if this were not enough, there is also a difference between the repayment of the various slots in the form of winnings – something usually called the Return to Player, or RTP. That’s the theoretical repayment as a percentage, as every single slot has.

Generally speaking, a game with high RTP pays out higher profits, but not so often. A low RTP game works, on the contrary, i.e. Lower profits but much more frequent.

In theory, games with very high RTP pay more in terms of profit over time. So it may be an idea to look a little on which RTP a game has before you start to spin. But it is, after all, rather marginal differences, and a game with low RTP can actually also blare and give you a jackpot.

Most importantly, when you’ve won money on Free spins – and of course received other types of bonuses – you’re really taking the time to read the bonus rules. Ideally, you should have done so even before you became a customer at the casino. There are many pitfalls, and if you do not follow the bonus terms, you risk getting rid of both the free spins and any winnings you have received when you have played them.

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